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Annual Motor Vehicle Population by Vehicle Type

Annual motor vehicle population by vehicle type

    Jan 2005 - Dec 2020

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    Land Transport Authority (LTA)


Annual Motor Vehicle Population by Vehicle Type


Annual Motor Vehicle Population by Vehicle Type

  • Off peak cars include weekend cars and revised off peak cars which was implemented on 25 Jan 2010.
  • LGV (max laden weight <= 3.5mt), HGV (max laden weight 3.5mt - 16mt), VHGV (max laden weight > 16mt). Tax exempted vehicles include vehicles registered with exemption of road tax payment, vehicles for off-the-road use and engineering plants,

School Bus (CB): School Bus with "CB" suffix registration numbers.

MVP 01-01 Veh by type

No of vehicles by Year

Column Legend

TitleColumn NameData TypeUnit of MeasureDescription
YearyearDatetime (Year) "YYYY"--
CategorycategoryText (General)--
TypetypeText (General)--
No. of VehiclesnumberNumeric (General)No. of Vehicles-

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