Resale Flat Prices

Resale transacted prices. Prior to March 2012, data is based on date of approval for the resale transactions.
For March 2012 onwards, the data is based on date of registration for the resale transactions.

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Resale Flat Prices (Based on Approval Date), 1990 - 1999


Resale Flat Prices (Based on Approval Date), 2000 - Feb 2012


Resale Flat Prices (Based on Registration Date), From Jan 2015 to Dec 2016


Resale Flat Prices (Based on Registration Date), From Mar 2012 to Dec 2014


Resale flat prices based on registration date from Jan-2017 onwards


Resale Flat Prices (Based on Registration Date), From Jan 2015 to Dec 2016


  1. The approximate floor area includes any recess area purchased, space adding item under HDB’s upgrading programmes, roof terrace, etc.

  2. The transactions exclude resale transactions that may not reflect the full market price such as resale between relatives and resale of part shares.

  3. Resale prices should be taken as indicative only as the resale prices agreed between buyers and sellers are dependent on many factors.

  4. "Remaining lease" is the number of years left before the lease ends. This information is computed as at the resale flat application.

Sample data

Flat Type
Street Name
Storey Range
Floor Area (Sqm)
Flat Model
Lease Commencement Date
Remaining Lease (Years)
Resale Price ($)
2015-01ANG MO KIO3 ROOM174ANG MO KIO AVE 407 TO 0960Improved198670255000
2015-01ANG MO KIO3 ROOM541ANG MO KIO AVE 1001 TO 0368New Generation198165275000
2015-01ANG MO KIO3 ROOM163ANG MO KIO AVE 401 TO 0369New Generation198064285000
2015-01ANG MO KIO3 ROOM446ANG MO KIO AVE 1001 TO 0368New Generation197963290000
2015-01ANG MO KIO3 ROOM557ANG MO KIO AVE 1007 TO 0968New Generation198064290000
2015-01ANG MO KIO3 ROOM603ANG MO KIO AVE 507 TO 0967New Generation198064290000
2015-01ANG MO KIO3 ROOM709ANG MO KIO AVE 801 TO 0368New Generation198064290000
2015-01ANG MO KIO3 ROOM333ANG MO KIO AVE 101 TO 0368New Generation198165293000
2015-01ANG MO KIO3 ROOM109ANG MO KIO AVE 401 TO 0367New Generation197862300000
2015-01ANG MO KIO3 ROOM564ANG MO KIO AVE 313 TO 1568New Generation198569307500

Column legend

TitleColumn nameData typeUnit of measureDescription
MonthmonthDatetime (Month) "YYYY-MM"--
TowntownText (General)--
Flat Typeflat_typeText (General)--
BlockblockText (General)--
Street Namestreet_nameText (General)--
Storey Rangestorey_rangeText (General)--
Floor Areafloor_area_sqmNumeric (General)Sqm-
Flat Modelflat_modelText (General)--
Lease Commencement Datelease_commence_dateDatetime (Year) "YYYY"--
Remaining Leaseremaining_leaseNumeric (General)Years-
Resale Priceresale_priceNumeric (General)$-

Sample OpenAPI query

This code can be used to test a sample API query. It retrieves the first 100 rows from this dataset. For a complete guide on query parameters and syntax, please refer to the

API documentation


import requests base_url = "" url = base_url + "?resource_id=d_ea9ed51da2787afaf8e51f827c304208" response = requests.get(url) print(response.json())

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