Median Rent by Town and Flat Type

Median Rent by Town, Flat Type Per Quarter. The data is based on rent self-declared in the renting out of flat application. The median rent indicates that half the total number of units were rented above that price while half were below.


  • The figures are based on rent declared in the renting out of flat applications and rounded off to the nearest $10
  • "-" Indicates that the median rent is not shown because there are less than 20 renting out of flat transactions in the quarter for that particular town and flat type. The median rent of these cases are not shown as they may not be representative.

    Apr 2005 - Mar 2023

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    Housing and Development Board (HDB)

Median Rent By Town And Flat Type

Sample data

QuarterTownFlat TypeMedian rent
2005-Q2ANG MO KIO1-RMna
2005-Q2ANG MO KIO2-RMna
2005-Q2ANG MO KIO3-RM800
2005-Q2ANG MO KIO4-RM950
2005-Q2ANG MO KIO5-RM-

Column legend

TitleColumn nameData typeUnit of measureDescription
QuarterquarterDatetime (Quarter) "YYYY-[Q]Q"--
TowntownText (General)--
Flat Typeflat_typeText (General)--
Median rentmedian_rentText (General)--

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